Our exclusive CNC control includes expertise gained from thousands of machine installations around the world. An extensive custom shape library, multiple process databases, CAD import, true-shape nesting, productivity monitoring and remote diagnostics are just some of the key features packaged in the industry’s only IP65 rated enclosure. Easy to learn functions allow for a quick familiarisation for new employees to achieve expert results.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Multiple process databases make every operator an expert
    • Modern graphic interface minimises the learning curve
    • Industrial CNC computer with integrated PLC and motion control eliminates expensive proprietary cards while providing high performance and reliability
    • Ethernet-based I/O system (EtherCAT) provides real-time updates with minimal cables shielded against RF noise.
    • True shape nesting and direct import of CAD files allow parts to be cut quickly on the shop floor with minimum scrap and without additional resources
    • More than 50 standard shapes are included. The software also allows for additional custom shapes to be created by the user
    • Backup Tool keeps a copy of the hard drive to minimise downtime due to virus activity, malware, etc.

    Optional Features:

    • Video camera(s) can be used as alignment tool and for process viewing.
    • An eight position joystick and feed-rate override dial create an operator-friendly panel.


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