The FiberBlade IV is based on the tried and tested construction of a flatbed cutting machine with integrated shuttle table and 2 axis cutting gantry.

The machine meets all expectations for multiple needs of the industry, easy handling, low costs and high reliability.

The cutting area is 3 m x 1.5 m, 4 m x 2 m, 6 m x 2 m.

Completely enclosed machine housing for optimum safety for both process and the operator.

Your Advantages

  • Higher cutting speed
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High reliability
  • Long mean time between failures
  • Changeover working table
  • Positioning speed: 100 m/min per axis
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.03 mm/m
  • Acceleration: up to 1 g


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+91 422 6725501


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