What is Fast Jump

Fast Jump is a simultaneous movement in X/Y and Z-direction between two contours to save time. This function enables the torch to follow a parabolic path from one contour to another contour in rapid motion. Saves time in rapid motion. Lifter Up and down happens during X&Y motion itself.

Advantages of Fast Jump

  • Reduced Rapid movement time
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction in Running cost

***Cycle time savings and Productivity improvement are indicated based on the comparison of the standard plan and it may vary based on cut profile

Machine Operation:
This feature can be enabled simply by clicking Fast jump icon (as shown in the below image) in the controller.

Limitations for Fast Jump Option:

  • Fast Jump enabling should be done on the cut profile in the following condition
  1. Cut profile / Contour element should be less flipping in nature

Safety Consideration for enabling Fast jump features:

  • Micro joint is recommended when flipping job used in nesting
  • Collision avoidance to be ensured in nesting plans

Note: Fast Jump option is available for Fiberblade series machines only

Watch this small video for more details: https://youtu.be/QOhZj1qW9rM


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