The MINITHERM® product range has been developed in accordance with the requirements of industry and trade for a small and lightweight injector torch to cover special demands.  

Compared with conventional hand torches the considerably lower weight of our MINITHERM® handles and attachments enable fatigue-free continuous working. This is of particular advantage in pipework construction, sanitary sector, in manufacturing of jewellery, dental laboratories and for other precision parts as well as for mass production of hand-welded, brazed or heat-treated components.

Due to the small handle size any welding, brazing and heating work in difficult areas and hard to reach locations can usually be carried out with adequate free moving space. The entire MINITHERM® product range complies with the requirements of the “Accident Prevention Regulations for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes” (BGR 500/2.26) as well as with DIN EN ISO 5172.

Key features:

  • High level of safety thanks to the injector suction principle: The mixing of oxygen with fuel gas is effected using the under-pressure mixing system. This prevents the intrusion of fuel gas into the Oxygen supply. MINITHERM® torches meet the requirements of the established accident prevention regulations. 
  • Universal range of applications: A wide range of torch inserts with varying flame characteristics and flame powers offers a virtually complete range of applications from the barely visible micro flame up to the powerful welding and cutting flame. 
  • Large moving space through small size: Through the compact size of the handle and inserts it is possible to carry out welding, brazing, soldering and heating tasks even at hard to access locations without any problems 
  • Fatigue free working through the low weight: The low weights of the handle and inserts make the MINITHERM® torch significantly lighter than conventional oxyfuel hand-held equipment. This ensures fatigue-free long-term use and gives high production quality.
  • Comprehensive accessories program: The MINITHERM® program includes various pressure regulators, safety devices, hoses for Oxygen and different types of fuel gases, torch supports, flame ignition accessories and a broad range of accessories to enable the widest variety of applications to be tackled smoothly.


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