Plasma cutting solution is the need of the hour


With increasing shortage of oxygen gas supply which is creating huge problems for the fabricators across the country, there is a rising demand for plasma cutting solutions both gantry based and manual. Not only is plasma cutting economical but it is also more efficient, accurate and versatile than the use of oxy-fuel. Plasma cutting is definitely the way to go when manipulating strong and sturdy metal for heavy duty structures. However, it’s strength and power also align with its superior accuracy, which makes it perfect for intricate jobs with thin metals too.

Faster cutting

When cutting metals upto two inches thick, plasma cutting is twice as fast as cutting with oxy-fuel. So just think how much speedier cutting thinner metals would be! Plasma cutters also pierce the metal quicker, to begin with. Other cutting methods may need the metal to be pre-heated before piercing, adding extra time onto the process of cutting.

Increased efficiency

When cutting with plasma, there is very little leftover ‘dross’ created in the process because the metal cut is provided with superior protection from oxidation. Plasma cutting melts and blows away the molten metal from the cut as it goes. This means less time spent removing excess metal from the cutting process as there is no need to chisel or grind off the dross.

Less wastage

The fast-cutting times used in plasma cutting means that less heat is focused on the metal for prolonged periods. Therefore, thin metals are less likely to warp, and working time is slashed because distorted parts will not need to be discarded and started over. The smaller the waste generated, the less you’ll be paying for materials, too!

We hope the above points can really help you to make better decision while choosing plasma cutting machine.


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