Messer CraftBlade CNC has been developed bringing in 120 years of Messer experience in
handling all the basic cutting needs in the smaller plate formats which can be used for training and producing small thermally cut parts.

CraftBlade is technologically a superior product, professionally designed and engineered meant to make the plate cutting task simplified, affordable and easy to learn.

Innovative design reduces the footprint of the machine as there are no optical tracing zones and retracting arms.

Your Advantages

  • Reliable and stable system ideally suited for educational institutes, small workshops and inhouse maintenance department of process Industries.
  • Professionally engineered for optimum space utilization of shop floor.
  • Multi process capability – Oxyfuel and Air Plasma.
  • Inexperience users or learners can make the drawings in Autocad and transfer the cutting program to the CNC.
  • Extremely user friendly CNC controller easy for trainer and for learners.
  • Extremely rugged construction of machine, 3 sides plate loading feasibility on table, makes it versatile in areas where cranes are not available.

It is to make the plate cutting task simplified. The thoughtful design makes it easy to install and use. Principally Equipped with Messer oxyfuel cutting system produces high quality cut parts , it can be easily modified to use plasma system as well so the learning and usage can be versatile.

It is not only saving the cost on installation and usage but is extremely convenient as well. This unique package allows you to replace old setups like optical and template cutting machines or start a new plate cutting setups without using high capital investment and workshop floor space. The machine with gas setup can be easily upgraded to plasma.

Lowest investment, installation, maintenance and running cost makes it deliver lowest cutting cost per piece for training and industrial use.


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