GRIFLAM® flame hardening technology – our made to measure solution for case hardening of your components. Through our individually manufactured GRIFLAM® flame hardening torches, heat can be introduced targeted to the case layers of the part. By quenching with water or compressed air the hardness can thus be increased in a targeted way and the surface protected against abrasion.


  • Heat input on exactly the right spot
  • Individual consultancy
  • Layout of the complete gas supply system
  • Application technicians for tests, commissioning and service


  • Toolmaking industry (pliers, axes, etc.)
  • Engineering
  • Steel working
  • Manufacture of rails and track


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Flame Hardening is usually be done by torches suitable for acetylene in combination with oxygen. Furthermore, torches for slow burning gases like propane, methane or MAPP in combination with oxygen are common. Beside standard torches, also torches with adapted shapes fitting to the work pieces are applicable. Moreover, torches with built-in quenching shower heads can be designed as well.

The process is suitable for quenchable iron materials as well as for construction and tempering steels with at least 0.3% C content. The hardness can be influenced directly depending upon the feed speed or hardening time and distance to the water or compressed air nozzle.

Solution Modules

In our catalogue we present our entire GRIFLAM® standard program with over 750 high quality products. We are sure that you will find innovative suggestions for your technical heating requirements in our GRIFLAM® catalogue.

We would be happy to help you with questions about our flame hardening technology and for further advice on all aspects of gas supply systems. Please contact us.