The MS 932 is very versatile. It can be used with all fuel gases and is very safe to operate. The torch design prevents flashbacks even when piercing thick materials.

The torch nozzle is changed without tools, eliminating the possibility of misaligning the torch, which drastically reduces set-up time. Once the cap is unscrewed, the nozzles are free and can be easily replaced or checked.

  • Low oxygen consumption reduces costs without loss of cutting quality or cutting speed
  • Guaranteed quality through 100% nozzle test
  • No tools required for nozzle change, thus greatly reduced set-up times
  • Patented quick-change nozzle system
  • Nozzles or heating caps can be loosened by hand without tools
  • Higher cutting speed and longer nozzle service life compared to conventional standard nozzles with good cutting quality in accordance with quality class EN ISO 9013
  • No upper edge melting and slag bead formation due to special heating slot arrangement
  • Uniform nozzle heating caps for all types of gas
  • Maintenance-free machine cutting torch, overall length 250 mm, other lengths available on request


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