PortaCut is a semi-automatic gas cutting machine. Machine can cut using Oxygen + Acetylene or Oxygen + Propane / BMCG* gases. This is a compact motor driven gas cutting machine, which can be used for cutting straight, bevel as well as circle cutting. A steel track is used to provide stable motion to the machine. Two or more tracks can be combined through dove-tail joints for longer cuts. Two torches can be used for strip cutting applications.


BMCG* - Bharat Metal Cutting Gas



  • Portable gas cutting machine. 
  • 40% higher productivity than conventional machine
  • 60% less post cutting grinding operation.
  • Cutting capacity up to 300mm thickness.
  • Strip cutting range: 80-300mm. 
  • Circle cutting: 150-2400mm diameter. 
  • Cutting speed: 50-800 mm/min.
  • Capable for straight and bevel cutting (circle & multi-bevel cutting also possible) *.
  • Functions control by forward/off/reverse switch.


Messer Cutting Systems India Private Limited

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